Baby boomers and successive generations will enjoy unprecedented longevity in comparison to other generations. Which while a wonderful testament to medical and technological advances means that more people are facing chronic health conditions that will require costly LTC. We strive to protect the financial future of your employees and your business with an affordable employer-sponsored LTC insurance program that protects your employees’ retirement plan, gives them a choice about care, and eases the burden for their family members.

Planning now can avert the disaster that a LTC episode can bring to financial portfoloios. While Medicare and Medicare will pay for some LTC costs, coverage is often limited. Additionally, LTC insurance allows family members the freedom to be involved in the caregiving process without being required to be the primary care provider.


Prescription drug costs are an important part of your employee health care plan. We can help you contain prescription drug costs while maintaining and even improving the quality of care for your employees. Our pharmacy consulting experts help employer groups take advantage of substantial pricing discounts and get solutions that are specific to your pharmacy benefit programs. 

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