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We offer our clients an opportunity to work with us either as a broker or a consultant. The purpose of our consulting contract is to allow our clients the freedom to choose how they want to work with our agency.

With multiple decades in the employee benefits arena, Armbruster Employee Benefits has the advisors and specialists you need when developing a top-tier benefits program for your employees. 


We counsel you through the design of benefits, with a strong focus on cost and continuity. With our benefits expertise, consulting can be the best way to extract the most benefits and cost structure with your current providers. You can also elect to keep your existing broker and insurance provider, and still save thousands per employee per year based on our analytics. 


Utilizing Armbruster Executive & Employee Benefits consulting services allows you to create the best employee benefits portfolio that remains sustainable year after year. Why do you offer Employee Benefits in the first place? To attract and retain the best and brightest employees! We can assist you with the cost basis for the entire benefits structure while optimizing cost and benefit outcomes, which allows you to focus on your business’ success.

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