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At Armbruster we take the time to understand your organization’s culture, vision and priorities as well as your employee’s needs. We will look at your current benefits program to determine if it is the best solution available and look at other possible solutions.


Once a plan is designed, specific to your organizations needs, our team will support the implementation, compliance, management of the plan and communication strategies with your employees.

How do we achieve this?

We will gather the data that helps identify the trends affecting your current plan. At the renewal, we will sit down with your HR staff to review plan performance for the recently concluded year. We will create a comprehensive calendar and timeline that outlines key planning initiatives, deadlines and individual responsibilities for you and your employees. Our team of specialists create comprehensive, performance-based reporting that lays out the trends, risks and identifies opportunities for the

coming year.

Our process provides an informed way for you to make educated decisions and build comprehensive benefits strategies year after year.

Once you have identified the right solution for your organization, implementing that solution can be tedious and time consuming. Instead, we offer a wide variety of implementation models that easily help you put your new solution in place. Our in-house team act as your advocate and resource to make sure that your benefits plan is administered to the highest standards.

Compliance Experts

Benefits compliance and health care reform is nuanced and complex and is our area of expertise. With our knowledge of the industry, we will communicate everything you need to know and present it to you. Our team will design a solution that will work best for your employees and your organization.


We offer a web-based compliance portal that answers your frequently asked questions, offers client-facing training webinars, a compliance library and other resources.

Every month you can opt in to receive our compliance newsletter that presents federal and state regulatory changes, relevant current events, links to model notices as well as deadline reminders.

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