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Corporate-owned life insurance (COLI) is a life insurance policy your company can purchase to insure the lives of key employees in your organization. Buying COLI can be a smart financial strategy that helps you to offset costs and can be an important part of an attractive executive benefits program.

After careful analysis we will determine if COLI is right for your organization. If it is, we will provide personalized guidance on plan design, implementation and administration.

How a COLT works, is that you pay the premium, retain full ownership of the cash value and are designated as the beneficiary. Proceeds payable from the insurance company when the death of an insured employee occurs go to you. The cash values are not formally linked to the value of the nonqualified benefit plan; the value of the COLI is just a method to earmark assets to offset the cost of the plan.

COLI can be an attractive investment strategy as gains on policy cash value are tax-deferred and may, if held until death, be income-tax-free, your company gets favorable access to cash values to fund plan distributions through withdrawals to basis and loans, and reallocation within the policy doesn’t trigger taxable gains.

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