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It is no secret the connection between company performance and executive compensation. At Armbruster, we work with you to put into place a tailored pay strategy and benefits plan to help you attract, retain and motivate the top talent in your organization.

We will develop a pay strategy that looks at market data and takes into consideration industry standards and your competition to make sure that your executives are competitively compensated.


We understand the need for you to not only offer a competitive benefit package but also manage costs. We have decades of experience in creating customizable plans and providing exceptional service as you administer those plans.

We will walk you through the entire process of plan design consulting, evaluation, analytics and modeling through product placement, education and implementation.

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters


Your specific benefits plan will include a detailed timeline, coordinated data exchanges, administration guidelines and enrollment materials that are customized for your organization.

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters


We provide benefit plan design analytics, profit and loss forecasts, financial analytics testing for premium sustainability, investment drag and carrier/product analysis. You’ll also get an analysis of your financial hedge offsetting your plan liabilities as well as a draft of your investment policy statement. We conduct due diligence reviews and consult with you on fund and asset allocation models.

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Your plan will be executed by a talented team of experienced professionals who will provide plan contribution processing and plan reporting to participants and sponsors. Your team will also provide asset support and corporate-owned/bank-owned life insurance services.


We will work together to design a plan that is attractive to executives, complaint with regulations, able to withstand corporate scrutiny, competitive in your industry and cost efficient to your organization.

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